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TestFairy allows the developer to correlate sessions to app specific information such as users, server-sessions or events.
This is useful in cases where sessions are anonymous and or when sessions are related to server activities that are critical to understanding test behaviour.

Furthermore, TestFairy allows identifying the user with traits such as name, email, phone number or custom fields. These will later be available for the developer to search upon, or review when looking at a specific session recording.


First, please make sure you have integrated the TestFairy SDK

Identifying a session meaning sending a correlation-id, and optionally, a map of key-value properites. Note: correlation-id parameter may be an empty string.

TestFairy.identify(String correlationId);

TestFairy.identify(String correlationId, Map<String, Object> traits);

A few pre-defined traits are provided, these include:


For the full traits list, please review the class reference document.


Identify the current session with in-house identifier:

Identify the current session with traits about its user:

  Map<String, Object> traits = new HashMap<String, Object>();

  traits.put(TestFairy.IDENTITY_TRAIT_NAME, "Johnny Bonny");
  traits.put(TestFairy.IDENTITY_TRAIT_EMAIL_ADDRESS, "");
  traits.put(TestFairy.IDENTITY_TRAIT_PHONE_NUMBER, "+1-850-245-5655");
  TestFairy.identify("", traits);

Identify session with custom fields:

  Map<String, Object> traits = new HashMap<String, Object>();

  traits.put(TestFairy.IDENTITY_TRAIT_EMAIL_ADDRESS, "");
  traits.put("custom.currency", "usd");
  traits.put("custom.total_game_play_hours", 314);
  traits.put("custom.amount_spent_in_game", 864.30);
  TestFairy.identify("", traits);

Code snippet: Grabbing the user's email address

The following code snippet will match the first valid email account and send that out as a identity trait:

Map<String, Object> traits = new HashMap<String, Object>();
Account[] accounts = AccountManager.get(MainActivity.this).getAccounts();
for (Account account : accounts) {
    if (Patterns.EMAIL_ADDRESS.matcher( {

TestFairy.identify("my-correlation", traits);

Remember that you are required to add the GET_ACCOUNTS permission to your AndroidManifest.xml file:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS" />