With TestFairy, you can log all your network requests. This gives you an easy way to monitor network access your app is doing.

A common issue our users discovered while monitoring their apps, is slow requests or 404 error code. These problems are usually hard to discover manually. TestFairy will list all network requests in the session page. Fixing these issues will greatly improve the experience for your users.

see example


TestFairy.addNetworkEvent(URI uri, String method, int code, long startTimeMillis, long endTimeMillis, long requestSize, long responseSize, String errorMessage)


If you are using OkHttp or Retrofit all you need to do is add CustomHttpInterceptor to your client:

public class CustomHttpInterceptor implements Interceptor {

        public Response intercept(@NonNull Chain chain) throws IOException {

            Request request = chain.request();
            long startTimeMillis = System.currentTimeMillis();
            Long requestSize = request.body() != null ? request.body().contentLength() : 0;
            Response response;
            try {
                response = chain.proceed(request);
            } catch (IOException e) {
                long endTimeMillis = System.currentTimeMillis();
                TestFairy.addNetworkEvent(request.url().uri(), request.method(), -1, startTimeMillis, endTimeMillis, requestSize, -1, e.getMessage());
                throw e;

            long endTimeMillis = System.currentTimeMillis();
            long responseSize = response.body() != null ? response.body().contentLength() : 0;
            TestFairy.addNetworkEvent(request.url().uri(), request.method(), response.code(), startTimeMillis, endTimeMillis, requestSize, responseSize, null);
            return response;

OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient.Builder()
    .addInterceptor(new CustomHttpInterceptor())

Last updated on 2019-04-08