One of the key strengths of TestFairy's SDK, is the ease of installation. Our .aar archive updates the AndroidManifest.xml file with the minimum required permissions and activities. In some cases, you would more likely want to include the .aar archive as an offline dependency. Such cases are when you want to isolate your build phases from the public internet for security purposes.

Please follow these steps to integrate TestFairy's Android SDK in your project:

  • Download the latest .aar archive from our maven.

  • Copy this .aar file into a directory called libs in your project. If you don't have such a directory, please create one in your source root.

  • Modify your project level build.gradle like this:

allprojects {
   repositories {

      flatDir {
          dirs 'libs'

  • Include TestFairy SDK in your app module's build.gradle like this:
dependencies {
   implementation(name:'testfairy-android-sdk-1.12.13', ext:'aar')
  • Add Testfairy to your main applications's onCreate():
import com.testfairy.TestFairy;

public class MyApplication extends Application {

   public void onCreate() {
       TestFairy.begin(this, YOUR_APP_TOKEN); // e.g "SDK-XXXX";
  • (Optional) If you need NDK crash reporting, please follow steps #1 to #4 with this library as well.

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Last updated on 2023-03-23