Connect TestFairy to JIRA Cloud

1. Create a JIRA API token

Please note that this first step is optional, if you choose to use username and password instead of API Token, continue to step 2.

1.1 log in to and click on "Create API token"


1.2 Label the new token "TestFairy".

Set TEstFairy JIRA Key

1.3 Copy the API Token.

Copy token

2. Configure JIRA in your TestFairy settings:

2.1. Open your TestFairy account Preferences

Open TestFairy preferences

2.2 Choose "Bug Systems" -> "JIRA", and enter your JIRA Username, API Token and JIRA URL.
If you don't have an API Token you can use your JIRA password.

Configure JIRA cloud

3. Add The TestFairy JIRA Add-on to your JIRA account

The TestFairy JIRA Add-on adds TestFairy videos to JIRA issues.

In order to install it please follow these steps:

3.1. Open JIRA Settings


3.2 Open Apps


3.3 In the Apps manu press 'Find new apps'


3.4 Add "TestFairy for Jira" to your account.

JIRA-testfairy app

This is how JIRA issues look After the installation


Last updated on 2019-05-01