Continious integration with Bamboo is easy to set up, and when ready, allows you to deliver up-to-date releases to your beta-testers and co-workers.


  1. Log in to your Bamboo server
  2. Click on the cogs icon and select Add-ons
  3. Click find new add-ons link, and install the TestFairy Uploader add-on.


Now that you have the add-on installed on your server, we will configure it with our upload API key. You can find this API key in your Preferences Page at

In your Android or iOS job, create a new task, and pick TestFairy Uploader from Deployment category.

Now configure the API key as so:

Notice you must provide the path to the compiled .IPA or .APK file, and optionally list group names of testers for sending out email invitations.


Last updated on 2023-06-06