How do I disable video recording?

Video recording is configurable when uploading a new build, and even after it's live and has been distributed to others.

When uploading a build, TestFairy lets you control if the device screen should be recorded, if it should be recorded only if the user is connected to WIFI, and even set various parameters regarding the quality.

After the build has been uploaded, you still get control over these parameters. Simply visit the settings page by clicking 'Settings' in your build page, and then update the parameters accordingly.

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How do I add some text to the e-mail sent to testers?

When inviting testers to a build, you have an option to supply a comment. This may be instructions of how to use your app, the changelog from your code versioning system, or anything that might help you get better results from this testing.

Simply visit the build page, and click Distribution and select Invite testers by e-mail. At the bottom there's a checkbox for enabling outgoing e-mail, and a textbox for supplying the comment. When done, just click Invite selected testers.

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How do I re-invite a tester?

There are two types of invitations in TestFairy. The first is, inviting tester to your account, which sends an email to the tester, asking them to register their iOS device (if needed). The second type is inviting tester to a specific build, where the email being sent contains a download link.

To re-invite a tester into your account, and ask them to register an iOS device, simply click on the "Testers" tab at the top, then click on "Add Testers", fill the details and submit. Make sure "Send email" checkbox is checked.

To re-invite a tester to a specific app version, open the app, open the specific build and click on "Invite testers by email". In the list below you will see the tester you want to re-invite. Just check the checkmark next to their name, and click "Invite selected testers". Make sure you have "Send email" checkbox checked.

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Last updated on 2019-02-25