How does auto-update work?

TestFairy Auto-Update allows developers to push new app versions automatically, in order to make sure that all users use the latest version of their app. When a new version is set to auto-update, all users using older versions will see a notification next time they use the app, suggesting to update.

How to configure auto-update in dashboard?

In order for the auto-update to work, Your app must include the TestFairy SDK in your application.

There are 3 ways of configure auto-update for a specific build:

Option 1. Upload

TestFairy build settings

Option 2. Build Settings

When you upload a new build via our online upload button ( ):

TestFairy build settings

How to configure auto-update in API?

When uploading a new build via our upload api set the auto-update parameter to on .

Please note: Auto-Update will upgrade all the previous installations of this app to the current version.
When your app starts, the SDK will check if a new version is available and is marked for auto update.
If so, the user will see a message telling him that a new version is ready and if asking him if he wants to updated.
If the user agrees, the new version will download and install on his device.

Last updated on 2019-03-10