Jfrog has recently announced the sunset of JCenter and Bintray, great services that we used to distribute our SDK.

As a result, starting from version 1.12.0, the TestFairy Android SDK will be hosted under maven.testfairy.com.

In order to continue get updates, developers MUST update gradle to keep getting new TestFairy Android SDK versions.

Please follow the steps below to point your project to the new maven repository.

For Further reading on this subject please reffer to our blog: JCenter and Bintray is shutting down, what to do?

1. Add TestFairy maven repository to your project's build.gradle script

In PROJECT_ROOT/build.gradle:

    buildscript {
        repositories {
            maven { url 'https://maven.testfairy.com' }

2. Change TestFairy SDK dependency lines in your app's build.gradle script

In PROJECT_ROOT/app/build.gradle:

    dependencies {
        // Delete this line: `implementation 'testfairy:testfairy-android-sdk:1.+@aar'`

        // Add this line:
        implementation 'com.testfairy:testfairy-android-sdk:1.+@aar'

Last updated on 2023-06-06