Adding and Managing Users

Use the Team area to manage your team members:

team menu

There are 4 types of users in the system:
1. Account Owner - the owner of the account. This user cannot be changed and has full control on the account. The owner can add Admins, make them Managers and add Testers.
2. Account Manager - an admin account that in addition to admin actions can add and delete other admin users(not managers). Managers can not add account manages and can not remove the account owner.
3. Admin - a developer that can upload builds, delete builds and view and delete sessions.
4. Tester - can download builds of apps. See here.

You can define an admin as a manager by selecting the account from the list and selecting the Set as manager action from the more actions menu under the list (you need to be an owner or manager to perform this action):

make manager

To add more admins to your account add their email address to the Add new admins field and specify the access level in the Permissions field. You can add more than one at a time by adding several emails to the list, one email in each line.

 alt add-admins

  • The default access level given to admin accounts is All Projects (rw) . rw mean full access - read and write to the project specified, or all projects. r means read only access.

    • rw and r Permissions are created automatically for each application that is loaded to the system.
    • In addition, there is the All projects permission which is for all applications that are loaded to the system.
  • If you want a different set of permissions for a team member you can select them from the combinations in the permission windows by clicking on the desired set for each project. delete the permission by clicking the x on the permission.

Last updated on 2021-07-13