Adding and Managing Users

Use the Team screen to manage your teams members:

team menu

There are 3 levels of users in the system:
1. Owner - the owner of the account. This user cannot be changed and has full control on the account and can add admins and testers.

  1. Admin
    • Admin - a developer that can upload builds, delete builds, view and delete sessions and so on.
    • Super Admin - on top of admin abilities can add other admins to the account.
  2. Tester - see here.

You can add more admins to your projects by adding their email address and specifying the access level in the Permissions field below.

 alt add-admins

  • The default access level is All Projects (rw). rw mean full access - read and write to the project. r mean read only access.
    • Permissions are created automatically for each application that is loaded to the system in addition to the All projects permission that is for all applications.
  • If you want a different set of permissions select them from the combinations in the permission windows by clicking on the desired set for each project.

Last updated on 2019-02-03