TestFairy has a seamless, bi-directional integration with Bugzilla, JIRA and GitHub. In order to connect to a bug reporting system, all you need to do is provide the credentials on your Account Settings page. Once the connection is set up, you can choose to report bugs manually or automatically, via API.

Manual Issue Reporting by Testers

When a bug is found during a testing session, testers can report back in several ways.

  • Shaking the device and filling in a feedback form that pops up (available only on the enterprise package)

A link to the tester's account is automatically sent to the testers together with the invitaion to start testing your app.

*It is possible to configure your account to automatically post feedbacks into your JIRA, Bugzilla or Github account. In order to enable this feature, please contact our support team.

Issue Reporting by Developers

After the session is finished, developers can also add their bug reports directly from the session page, by by clicking on the Create Bug button on the top right side of your Session Overview page.

 alt create-bug

A Bug Creation dialogue box opens up. Everything you type in the dialogue will be inserted directly into a new issue in your bug reporting system.

 alt bug-creation

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Last updated on 2019-02-11