1. Login to Intercom Developer Hub, create a new app.

    • Select "New App"
    • Enter an "App Name"
    • Select a your workspace. Create one if you needed.
    • Select "Internal app" (Optional)
  2. Select your newly created app

    • Go into Authentication.
    • Copy your Access Token. You'll need it for the next step
    • You only need 2 Permissions for the integration: "Write users and companies", and "Write Conversations"
  3. In TestFairy, from the Preferences page, select Integrations

    • Click the "Add integration" next to the Intercom row
  4. Paste the copied Intercom Access Token into the input field and click "Save Settings".

  5. (optional) Install the TestFairy Chrome Extension

Congratulations! You've successfully added the Intercom integration to TestFairy. You'll now receive new feedbacks directly in Intercom.

Last updated on 2023-05-23