Single Sign-on allows managing users and testers outside of TestFairy. List of permitted users and testers and their passwords are all stored in Onelogin, so onboarding a new developer in the team is an easy task.

When SSO is configured in your account, the login page is replaced with a simple login with sso button.

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Setting up OneLogin in your account

  • Login to OneLogin, click on the 'NEW APP' button on the right.

  • Type in "testfairy" in the search box, and select the application.

  • Click 'Save', no need to change configuration

  • Type in your TestFairy subdomain (for example, acme), under 'Configuration' tab. Click "Save".

  • Click on "More Actions" and select "SAML Metadata", this will download a file to your computer.

  • Now login to TestFairy, and select Preferences.

  • Copy and contents of the file you just downloaded, and paste it into the textbox. Click on "Update"

  • TestFairy-side configuration is also done

Now please logout, and you should see the "Login with SSO"