If you are using Zendesk as your support and ticketing system it is very easy to integrate it with your testfairy account to collect feedback you receive from customers using your app in production.

  • Log in as the account owner and create a new team member.
  • The email of this account will be the support email in Zendesk.

    (It looks something like this: support@[YOUR DOMAIN NAME].zendesk.com)

  • Once you have this account do a password reset on it and log in to the account.

  • When logged-in go to the preferences → notifications and check the box for Email of Receive notifications on user feedbacks.

  • Look at the bottom of the form to make sure the emails will be sent to the correct Zendesk email address.

You are all set ! All feedback from your apps will be created as a Zendesk ticket.

Last updated on 2019-10-30