Adding TestFairy to your Xamarin project allows you to record and understand how people use your app. It also provides a crash handler,
analytics tools and performance benchmarks.

The Xamarin TestFairy component is also available at the Xamarin components store

Manual Integration

  1. Download and unzip the Xamarin component: Unified API Classic API.

  2. In your Solution, right-click on References and select Edit References.

    Edit References

  3. In Edit References, select .Net Assembly tab and click Browse..., locate the TestFairy.iOS.dll file you just downloaded and unzipped.

    Edit References

  4. Initialize the TestFairy framework :

    • Open your AppDelegate.cs file.

    • Add this line to your using section:
      using TestFairyLib;

    • Locate FinishedLaunching and add to the following line of code. Replace
      TESTFAIRY_APP_TOKEN with the *App Token
      from your Account Settings page.

      TestFairy.Begin ("TESTFAIRY_APP_TOKEN");
    • In case you don't have such method, override it by adding the following lines:

      public override bool FinishedLaunching (UIApplication application, NSDictionary launchOptions)
          TestFairy.Begin ("TESTFAIRY_APP_TOKEN");
          return true;

Using Advanced Features

The Xamarin component supports all functionality as its iOS SDK counterpart. The following methods are available:

  • Pause();
  • Resume();
  • HideView();
  • Checkpoint();
  • PushFeedbackController();
  • SetCorrelationId(string correlationId);