Setting up Azure Active Directory in your account

Single Sign-on enables you to manage users and testers outside of TestFairy.
A list of permitted users and testers, as well as their passwords, is stored in Azure Active Directory.

Therefore onboarding a new developer into the team is an easy task.

When SSO is configured into your account, the login page is replaced with a simple login with sso button.

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Adding an enterprise app

  • In your Home screen press the Azure Active Directory icon to open the Directory overview.

  • From the menu options select the Enterprise Application option.

  • Press the +Add application button.

  • Select the Non-gallery application, add an app name (TestFairy) and press the Add button.

Adding an SSO login option

  • Go back to the menu and select the Single sign-on menu option.

  • Select the SAML option.

  • Press the pencil icon to edit the Basic SAML Configuration - Identifier and Reply URL fields.
    Add to the Identifier field and to the Reply URL.

    Change acme to your own TestFairy subdomain.

    Now download the XML file in the Federation Data. You will need it later for uploading to your TestFairy Dashboard Security settings.

Adding users to the application

Now lets add an Azure AD user to your application.

  • Go to Users and Groups and press the +Add User button.

  • In the Add assignment column press the Users and groups line and select the user/users you want to add from the Users and groups column.

    Once all users are added to the Selected items press the Select Button.

  • To finish the action press the Assign button.

  • The users are all now part of the application.

Adding the SAML details to TestFairy

  • Now, please go to your TestFairy account preferences, and select the Security menu item.
    Open the XML file previously saved and copy its content to the ID Provider metadata field.

    Click on Update SAML ID Provider Metadata when done.

  • After configuration has been saved, you will see a success message.

Now, please log out and make sure you can see the Login with Azure button when trying to log in to the TestFairy Dashboard

Last updated on 2023-03-23