Single Sign-on enables you to manage users and testers outside of TestFairy. A list of permitted users and testers, as well as their passwords, is stored in Azure Active Directory. Therefore onboarding a new developer into the team is an easy task.

When SSO is configured into your account, the login page is replaced with a simple login with sso button.

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Setting up Azure Active Directory in your account

  • Login to Microsoft Azure as global admin, select Azure Active Directory, click on App Registrations, and click on New application registration

  • In the new tab, type in these fields:
    Name: TestFairy
    Type: Web App / API
    Sign-on: (replace acme with your own subdomain)

  • Now click on Endpoints, and select the newly created TestFairy app

  • Open "FEDERATION METADATA DOCUMENT" URL and save the file to disk

  • Open Settings and select Properties. Update the following items. Change acme with your own subdomain.
    App ID URI:
    Home page URL:

  • Now, please go to your TestFairy account, click on "Account Preferences" in the topright menu, select SAML/Single Sign-on from the left menu, and paste the contents of the file you saved previosuly here. Click on Update SAML metadata when done.

  • After configuration has been saved, you will see a success message.

Now, please log out and make sure you can see the "Login with Azure" button.

Last updated on 2019-10-30