This page walks you through setting up TestFairy Connect on a Windows server, and hook it to Team Foundation Server.

The steps below will guide you through installing and configuring your TestFairy Connect environment:

Step 1: Install required software

TestFairy Connect is written in nodejs. Also required are the TFS Power Tools which are available for download for free.

Step 2: Configure config.json file

TestFairy Connect's configuration file is a simple json file, you can use any text editor (eg Notepad) to update the settings.

  • Create a folder named .testfairy-connect in your user home directory (eg /Users/GilM/.testfairy-connect)
  • Paste the same configuration file from into .testfairy-connect\config.json
  • Edit this config.json file and update to your settings. Please refer to Configuring TFS document for more information

Step 3: Start the service

After you have installed and configured the service, it is time to start the service. It is possible to start TestFairy Connect either manually in a Powershell, or as a Windows Service

  • Open Windows Powertools or Terminal in the folder where you unpacked the zip file, and run:

node node_modules\testfairy-connect\service.js

If all configuration is correct, you will see a "TestFairy Connect is ready" log. If you have an error, please follow the instructions on screen.


You now have TestFairy Connect installed and configured to work with your Team Foundation Server service, set up behind your firewall.