TestFairy Fetch Sessions tool

Download link: TestFairy Fetch Sessions


This tool downloads screenshots and/or logs from recorded TestFairy sessions.
Use this to download data you want to analyze with your own toolchain or to import to your own analytics systems.


npm install -g --link git+https://github.com/testfairy/testfairy-fetch-sessions.git

If you receive the error: "Could not create leading directories", then you should run the same command with sudo -s prefix.


testfairy-fetch-sessions --endpoint "acme.testfairy.com" --user "john@example.com" --api-key "0123456789abcdef" --project-id=1000 --logs --screenshots

The example above would connect to endpoint acme.testfairy.com (which can be a private cloud installation, a public cloud installation, or an on-premise installation.) It will use the credentials of user and api-key.

Since both --logs and --screenshots are possible, the tool can download all screenshots and all logs from app's project 1000.

You can create an MP4 video using all the downloaded screenshots by passing --video along with --screenshots.

You can find the id of the project (app) you want to download by examining the url (for example: https://app.testfairy.com/projects/1000/).

TestFairy Fetch Sessions tool is incremental in downloads - this means that you can run the tool multiple times, and it will only download new sessions that were recorded.

For Support we're available at support@testfairy.com.

Downloading Encrypted Logs

If you are encrypting your sessions, and want to download the logs from a given project, you must pass the path to a file containing the private key into the --rsa-private-key argument.

testfairy-fetch-sessions --endpoint "acme.testfairy.com" --user "john@example.com" --api-key "0123456789abcdef" --project-id=1000 --logs --screenshots --rsa-private-key "/path/to/rsa-private.pem"


key description default
help Display usage
version Display fetch-session version
project-id Project ID * required
user TestFairy Account Email *
api-key API key from https://app.testfairy.com/settings/api-key *
endpoint TestFairy endpoint (private servers only) *
rsa-private-key Path to RSA private key (only required if sessions are encrypted)
logs Fetch logs from sessions of given project
screenshots Fetch screenshots from sessions of given project
video Fetch screenshots
all-time Fetch all sessions for a given project Last 25 sessions
json Outputs logs as json result along with meta data information Only Logs
overwrite Overwrites any downloaded false

Last updated on 2023-03-23