TestFairy Fetch Sessions tool

Download link: TestFairy Fetch Sessions


This tool downloads screenshots and/or logs from recorded TestFairy sessions.
Use this to download data you want to analyze with your own toolchain or to import to your own analytics systems.


npm install -g --link git+https://github.com/testfairy/testfairy-fetch-sessions.git

If you receive the error: "Could not create leading directories", then you should run the same command with sudo -s prefix.


testfairy-fetch-sessions --endpoint "acme.testfairy.com" --user "john@example.com" --api-key "0123456789abcdef" --project-id=1000 --logs --screenshots

The example above would connect to endpoint acme.testfairy.com (which can be a private cloud installation, a public cloud installation, or an on-premise installation.) It will use the credentials of user and api-key.

Since both --logs and --screenshots are possibble, the tool can download all screenshots and all logs from app's project 1000.

You can create an MP4 video using all the downloaded screenshots by passing --video along with --screenshots.

You can find the id of the project (app) you want to download by examining the url (for example: https://app.testfairy.com/projects/1000/).

TestFairy Fetch Sessions tool is incremental in downloads - this means that you can run the tool multiple times, and it will only download new sessions that were recorded.

For Support we're available at support@testfairy.com.

Last updated on 2020-07-22