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With TestFairy, symbolicating crash reports is easy as pie. A simple Build Phase script can automatically upload the compressed .dSYM file for future symbolicaton.

To enable automatic uploads of .dSYM file, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

In XCode, click on your project in the left sidebar, then click on Build Phases.


Step 2:

Click on plus sign on the left and select New Run Script Build Phase


Step 3:

Open the newly added Run Script and add this line at the bottom:


Make sure to reply UPLOAD_API_KEY with the your secret upload api key, found in the Settings page.


Fatal: Can't find .dSYM folder!

If while compiling you get the error Fatal: Can't find .dSYM folder!, it could be that your project is not configured to generate debug symbols. To output debug symbols, enable the option from Target > Build Options > Debug Information Format. If you don't see option, make sure you're not viewing the Basic options; instead, select All options. You can see the option in the following screenshot


How to upload multiple dSYMs

You can upload multiple dSYMs per build. Some developers have frameworks developed in-house, and these frameworks make it to the final .IPA file. In order to upload dSYM in your framework project, just implement Run Script above in your framework's settings.