In-app feedback works out of the box, allowing users to report bugs by shaking their device.

This feature is customizable and allows you to launch the feedback from from a button inside your UI or any other gesture, or change the way the feature works.

If you already called [TestFairy begin] and have a session, you can simply use [TestFairy showFeedbackForm] to launch the form yourself.

Otherwise, you can utilize [TestFairy showFeedbackForm:(NSString *)appToken takeScreenshot:(BOOL)takeScreenshot] anywhere in your app to launch the form without a session. The user will be presented with possible actions to take such as capturing a new screenshot or screen recording.

Here are a few methods that can help you customize the feedback behaviour:

  • setEmailFieldVisible(): Whether or not email input text should be displayed.
  • setEmailMandatory(): Whether or not people have to identify themselves when submitting feedback.
  • setDefaultText(): Set the initial text content of the feedback form to standardize reported feedbacks with submission guidelines.

setEmailFieldVisible(boolean) / setEmailMandatory(boolean)

You can decide whether the email field is visible or not, and whether the email is mandatory or not.

[TestFairy setFeedbackOptions:@{
    @"isEmailVisible": @NO


In order to change the default text that users see in the feedback form textarea, please use the following:

[TestFairy setFeedbackOptions:@{
    @"defaultText": @"Tested on the following device:\n\n\nSteps to reproduce:\n1.\n\n2.\n\n3.\n\nActual Result:\nExpected Result:\n"

Last updated on 2020-11-19