Setup Xcode to create debug symbols

  1. In Xcode, click on your project and select Build-Settings.
  2. In the search box, type "Debug Information Format".
  3. Click on "Debug Information Format" and select "DWARF with dSYM File"
    alt dsym

Setup Xcode to upload dSYMs for every build

  1. In Xcode, click on your project in the left sidebar, then click on Build Phases.


  1. Click on plus sign on the left and select New Run Script Build Phase


  1. Open the newly added Run Script and add this line at the bottom:


Make sure the specified path includes the file.

Make sure to replace UPLOAD_API_KEY with the your secret upload API key, found in the Settings page.


Fatal: Can't find .dSYM folder!

If, while compiling, you get the error Fatal: Can't find .dSYM folder!, your project may not be configured to generate debug symbols. Here is how you setup Xcode to generate dSYMs