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Streamline your build process and upload APKs or IPAs directly to TestFairy.


Gradle plugin
Jenkins plugin
Bamboo plugin
Command line uploader




Name Required? Description
api_key Y Your API application key. See for details.
file Y APK or IPA file data.
symbols_file Symbols mapping file. For iOS this should be a path to the zipped symbols file. For Android, this is the path to the mappings.txt file
testers_groups Comma-separated list of tester groups to be invited on the new build. Or "all" to invite all testers.
notify Send emails to the notified tester groups. Default is "on".
metrics Comma-separated list of metrics to record. View list below.
max-duration Maximum session recording length, eg 20m or 1h. Default is "10m". Maximum 24h.
video Video recording settings "on", "off" or "wifi" for recording video only when wifi is available. Default is "on".
video-quality Video quality settings, "high", "medium" or "low". Default is "high".
video-rate Video rate recording in frames per second, default is "1.0".
comment Additional release notes for this upload. This text will be added to email notifications.
auto-update Allows easy upgrade of all users to current version. Set to "on" to enable. Default is "off".

Available Metrics

Below is a list of available metrics for recording in a session. For use with metrics parameter (optional.)

  • cpu - user/kernel usage statistics.
  • memory - process private/shared memory statistics.
  • network - process network utilization.
  • network-requests - process network requests.
  • phone-signal - phone signal strength.
  • logcat - process logs from logcat (Adds android.permission.READ_LOGS permission.)
  • gps - raw GPS location data, if used by app.
  • battery - battery status and drainage (Adds android.permission.BATTERY_STATS permission.)
  • mic - keep microphone audio data, if used by app.
  • wifi - track WIFI signal strength and connectivity.

Available Options

Below is a list of available advanced options for recording in a session. For use with options parameter (optional.)

  • shake - Use this option to let the tester to shake their device and fill in a bug report that openes up.
  • anonymous - When using this option, sessions are anonymous and account information is not collected from device.

Error Codes

In case of an error, TestFairy will return a JSON with status => fail and code with one of the values
listed below. An additional human-readable error message is supplied, with regards to cause of the specific error.

Error Code Reason
1 Parameter 'xxx' is missing
5 Invalid API key
105 Invalid file

Example 1: (CURL)

curl -F api_key='your_api_key' -F file=@sample.apk 

Example 2:

curl \
    -F api_key='your_api_key' \
    -F file=@sample.apk \
    -F symbols_file=@sample_mapping.txt \
    -F metrics='cpu,network,logcat' \
    -F testers_groups='friends,beta' \
    -F notify='on'

Example Response:

    "status": "ok",
    "app_name": "Jigsaw Puzzlers",
    "app_version": "0.9.5",
    "file_size": 9585610,
    "build_url": "https:\/\/\/projects\/100-jigsawpuzzlers\/builds\/1",
    "invite_testers_url": "https:\/\/\/projects\/100-jigsawpuzzlers\/builds\/1\/invite\/",
    "app_url": "https:\/\/\/download\/6CWKJCHD60PPVWYJHGM4AADJ26QWY63BTHAKQYA4SDR0\/filename_v1.1-testfairy.apk",
    "download_page_url": "https:\/\/\/3tajti",
    "icon_url": "https:\/\/\/testfairy\/icons\/4\/30040977a9f83070ac983cfb4f706d61472caf5c.png"

Where can I find my API Key?

In order to get your API KEY open your account preferences at and click on "Upload API Key".

How can I create a new API Key?

In order to create a new API KEY just click on "Regenerate API Key".