Managing Landing pages

Landing pages are the most common way to distribute apps to your testers.
Every app in testfairy, by default, has a landing page that is automatically generated once you upload an app to testfairy via the various app loading ways.

If you do not want a landing page you can disable it on the landing page settings page for that specific app:

dissable landing page

The Settings of a landing page are defined in the Landing Page Settings page inside your app page in the app dashboard:

landing page settings

  • Landing page URL: the URL that is automatically generated for each landing page. It is possible to change the last part after the / - slash, to a different string if available.

  • App version: indicates which version of the app will be downloaded from the landing page.

  • Permission: there are 3 ways to allow access to the app download:

    • Open Beta (Anyone can download) - download is possible to anybody who can see the page. Needed when Recruit Page is being used.
    • Opt-In (Testers can ask you to join) - this option is now called Recruit Page (see below).
    • Closed Beta (Testers required to login) - you must have a TesfFairy account (as a tester or admin) in order to see the page (and download the app).

  • App description: A description you can add to the landing page to give your testers instructions or other information. Can be formatted in Markdown.

  • Add release notes: do you want to include the release notes detailed when you loaded the app on the landing page?

  • Add custom CSS: see here for customizing the appearance of the landing page.

Once you make changes to the settings you need to save them for them to take effect. You can preview the changes using the Preview landing page button.

In case you want to use a recruitment process (formally called opt-in) press the Open Recruit Page Button - it is the landing page with an email field where testers can add thier email. You can send out the page URL. Make sure to change the permissions to Open Beta so the page will be visable to all.

Last updated on 2019-11-21