Tags are text labels that can be attached to builds and used for identification and search. Every build (app version) can have different tags.

How to add tags to builds that are uploaded via API

  • Tags can be added programmatically when uploading the build via the TestFairy Upload API using the tags parameter.

How to add/edit tags to existing builds

  • Once the build is already available in your dashboard, Tags can be added, edited or deleted in build settings menu under App Distribution --> Tags.

Displaying tags to admins

Tags appear in a project page:

In the dashboard, Tags are searchable in the Search... textbox available at the top right.

Displaying tags to testers

Testers can see Tags in their Testers Dahsboard available at my.testfairy.com:

Tags are also available at the top of every landing page, just below the main headline:

Last updated on 2022-01-19