GitLab can automatically deploy your Android or iOS Apps to TestFairy.

  • On the TestFairy dashboard, navigate to the Preferences --> Upload API Key page.

  • Copy your API key and go to your application's project Settings --> CI/CD -- Variables in GitLab. Add a variable called TESTFAIRY_API_KEY to the list with the value of your Upload API key.

  • To deploy, add a job to your .gitlab-ci.yml configuration using fastlane or curl (example below).

  - deploy

  stage: deploy
  - master
  - |
    curl \
      -A "GitLab CI" \
      -F api_key="${TESTFAIRY_API_KEY}" \
      -F comment="GitLab Pipeline build ${CI_COMMIT_SHA}" \
      -F file=@android.apk \

Note Be sure to replace the -F file=@android.apk argument with a path to your own APK or IPA.

For a complete list of available options, please visit the TestFairy Upload API documentation

Last updated on 2023-05-23