TeamCity can automatically deploy your Android and iOS Apps to TestFairy.

  • On the TestFairy dashboard, navigate to the Preferences page.

  • On the Preferences page, go to the API Key section and copy the API key.

  • In TeamCity, add a environment variable as a New Parameter in to the Build Configuration

  • Name the parameter env.TESTFAIRY_API_KEY and give it the value you copied from the TestFairy preferences page, and Save.

  • Add a Build Step to the Build Configuration you wish to deploy from.

  • Make sure to select a Command Line build step.

Copy the following command into Custom script text field

curl -F api_key=${env.TESTFAIRY_API_KEY} -F comment="TeamCity build" -F file=@android.apk

Note Be sure to replace the -F file=@android.apk argument with a path to your own APK or IPA.

For a complete list of available options, please visit the TestFairy Upload API documentation

Last updated on 2023-03-23