TestFairy builds can include release notes that will show up in email invitations, landing pages and in the testers dashboard.

There are several ways to update a build release notes.

1. Upload

On Upload, after the app is uploaded, enter the release notes in the last dialog.

TestFairy Release Notes

2. Change Build Settings

After the app was uploaded, open build settings, and under App Distribution change the release notes.

TestFairy Release Notes

3. Upload API

The recommended way to upload apps is to use the upload API. In order to add release notes, use the comment field.


curl https://upload.testfairy.com/api/upload \
    -F api_key='your_api_key' \
    -F file=@sample.apk \
    -F symbols_file=@sample_mapping.txt \
    -F testers_groups='friends,beta' \
    -F notify='on'\
  -F comment='Put Release Notes Here'

4. Jenkins

By default, The TestFairy Jenkins plugin will use the comments that were included in every commit, in a pretty standard way.
In order to add your own release notes, create a text file in the following location:


The content of this file will override the default changelog.

Read more about the TestFairy Jenkins plugin

Last updated on 2019-03-13