Adding the TestFairy plugin to your Cordova or Phonegap project is simple.

For Ionic applications, please check out the Ionic documentation.


Add the plugin to your project via npm. Run the following command from a terminal:

cordova plugin add com.testfairy.cordova-plugin

Alternatively, you can install it directly from GitHub:

cordova plugin add


To upgrade your plugin, please run:

cordova plugin update com.testfairy.cordova-plugin


Initialize TestFairy with your App Token by calling TestFairy.begin. Your APP TOKEN is available at

We recommend to invoking TestFairy.begin from onDeviceReady in index.js:

  onDeviceReady: function() {
    TestFairy.begin("APP TOKEN");

Identifying your users

See the SDK Documentation for more information.

Session Attributes

See the SDK Documentation for more information.

Remote Logging

See the SDK Documentation for more information.

Where to go from here?

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated TestFairy into your Cordova project! Visit your dashboard, where you should see your app listed.

  • Have a look at the API documentation for other calls you can make to the TestFairy plugin

  • Follow the project on GitHub for updates, bug reports, or to contribute to the project!

Last updated on 2019-08-05